About AEC

AEC is a global mobility solutions provider committed to finding better ways and revolutionizing the way people buy and sell vehicles, anywhere in the world.

Global Team, Local Expertise

For over 28 years, we’ve been helping automotive manufacturers and dealers break down barriers and reach global markets. From supply chain planning to market entry, import, homologation, distribution, retail, warranty and aftersales, we cover every step of the automotive journey.

With 175+ experts in 7 locations worldwide, we’re ready to help our partners turn complex business challenges into transformative opportunities.

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Finding better ways since 1996

Since AEC’s beginnings in 1996, we’ve been driven by our passion for finding better ways to solve industry-wide problems that no one else could.
By understanding the needs of our partners and by challenging conventional thinking and doing things differently, we’re putting our partners at the top of the list.

Andrew Pilsworth

Founder & CEO

As Founder & CEO of AEC, Andrew directs the long-term strategy for AEC and its related companies.

Since founding AEC 28 years ago, Andrew has guided the company with his passion for finding better ways and continues to push AEC forward in his vision of being the global leader in automotive solutions.

An early adopter of inclusive leadership, Andrew has a strong focus on People & Culture and Communications. He actively promotes leading by example and stresses the importance of shared values among his team, and drives the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

John Muratori

Chief Operating Officer

As AEC’s Chief Operation Officer, John manages global operations across all of AEC’s offices and facilities.

With a passion for business management, John spearheads the company’s international expansion efforts, managing AEC’s Operations including homologation, logistics, and plant operations, as well as AEC’s fleet and sales business while also overseeing AEC’s marketing initiatives, financial endeavors, and more.

His role as COO also involves coordinating projects and fostering collaboration among AEC’s global offices.

Senior Leadership Team

Working together for a better future

As a modern company in a dynamic market and changing environment, it’s our mission to take on challenges and adapt to them. As part of our commitment to innovation, growth, and constant learning, we’re embracing our environmental and social responsibility.

Whether it’s driving the EV revolution, setting ambitious sustainability goals or monitoring our climate impact, AEC is serious about change.

We're ready for electric

Change and transformation have been a constant at AEC since 1996 and we are passionately committed to supporting the transformation to electrification. With an extensive service network and a distribution concept tailor-made for the surge in EV demand, AEC is the ideal pan-European distributor for the next major step in our industry’s history.