With 27+ years of experience, a strong reputation, and a proven track record when it comes to reliability, we’re the ultimate intermediary in the thriving vehicle trade business between Canada and the United States.

Leveraging its extensive dealer network and its expertise in international trade regulations, AEC acts as a bridge between Canadian and American dealerships, manufacturers, and individual buyers. Our team is ready to streamline the entire process, ensuring smooth transitions and efficient logistics.


Bridging the gap

As a facilitator of vehicle trade between the United States and Canada, AEC is specially equipped to help American dealers streamline their sourcing and procurement processes for wholesale services. Our established relationships with Canadian dealerships, auctions, and manufacturers allows us to connect our dealers with an extensive inventory of vehicles across different makes, models, and competitive price ranges, including popular American models and unique, limited-availability Canadian vehicles.

Why AEC?

Whether you’re an individual looking to trade in your vehicle, an independent dealership or manufacturer, or even a large dealership group looking for wholesale support, AEC is your go-to partner for hassle-free, smooth and reliable processes. Our diverse range of vehicles, international experience in distribution, competitive pricing and seamless logistics ensure you are in the best hands.