General Motors & AEC

In 2023, AEC Group introduced a new subsidiary, AEC Specialty Vehicles (AECSV), as an official importer and distributor of a niche volume of General Motors’ (GM) North-America sourced internal combustion engine vehicles in Europe. AECSV is focused on bringing together the fans of GM’s beloved Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC brands and making their car dreams a reality, anywhere in Europe.

Official GM Importer

As an official importer, AECSV is responsible for the marketing and distribution of GM brands in Europe through selected dealership partners, as well as the distribution of official GM-brand spare parts and accessories. AEC Group’s services include:

  • Market Homologation
  • Warranty
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Recall Administration
  • Financial Services
  • Certification
  • Training