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Powered by decades of expertise and global infrastructure, our tailored solutions are designed to drive your business forward, whether you’re breaking into a new market or simply expanding your reach.

Our Partners

AEC partners with leading companies across the automotive industry to overcome the most complex issues facing manufacturers, dealers, and end customers today, including Stellantis, GM, and Mopar. If you’re an OEM, dealer, wholesaler or fleet manager, contact us today to hear how an AEC custom solution can help your business reach new heights.


Why OEMs choose AEC

Our experts have decades of experience helping you find the fastest, most efficient routes to market.

  • Operations in over 20 European markets
  • Established infrastructure and services
  • Experienced and adaptable team
  • Official OEM distribution
  • Network of development experts
  • Exclusive cooperation agreements with Santander Consumer Bank and CarGarantie

Why dealers choose AEC

Every day, we help over 550 retailers worldwide develop and grow their business. Join AEC’s Dealer Network and let our team of experts put you on the map.

  • Exclusive cooperations in financing and warranty services
  • R&D center with over 10 years of homologation experience
  • Vehicle processing centers offering solutions for conversions to all kinds of European specs
  • Access to Stellantis systems, recall management, corporate identity and brand usage rights
  • Access to recall management systems, corporate identity elements, and official marketing materials from AEC’s official partners