5 Top Easter Eggs in RAM and Dodge Vehicles – and not the chocolate variety

While at first the idea of automakers like Dodge and RAM incorporating Easter eggs into their vehicles might seem insignificant, these hidden details add an additional layer of depth and a sense of playful whimsy to the brand’s dedication. Often discreetly placed throughout the vehicle, these Easter eggs not only reveal something about the brand’s history but also bring a smile to the faces of Dodge enthusiasts.

Rather than discuss the merits of chocolate eggs this Easter, here are some of the most intriguing Easter eggs found in the RAM and Dodge lineup, old and new:

1. RAM: Parade of Past Trucks

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the Parade of Past Trucks, an Easter egg nestled within certain models of the RAM pickup truck. Accessible through the vehicle’s infotainment system, this feature showcases a digital animation or series of images depicting the evolution of RAM trucks over the years. From humble beginnings to modern marvels, this tribute invites enthusiasts to celebrate the rich legacy of RAM and the innovations that have defined each generation of trucks.

2. RAM: T-Rex and Velociraptor

Discover a prehistoric surprise tucked away in certain models of the RAM pickup. Etched or molded into the interior design, discover silhouettes of a T-Rex and a velociraptor. These iconic dinosaurs infuse a playful touch into the vehicle’s interior, inviting owners to embrace their inner explorer and embark on off-road adventures. Additionally, the scale of the depiction adds an amusing twist: the imposing T-Rex towering over the much smaller velociraptor (the writing underneath stating: Correct Scale) underscores the dominance and power of the larger dinosaur over the smaller one, a nod towards another brand with a pickup of the same name…

This playful image depicts the T-Rex towering over the much smaller Velociraptor. Copyright: Car and Driver


3. Dodge Challenger: Secret Silhouettes

Concealed within the sleek lines of this iconic muscle car are subtle nods to its illustrious heritage. A small silhouette of a Challenger car adorns the lower corner of the windshield, a testament to its enduring legacy. Outside, the “air catchers” feature images of the SRT Hellcat and SRT Demon, adding a dash of flair to the Challenger’s aggressive stance. These hidden gems pay homage to the Challenger’s roots while embracing its prominent position in automotive history.

4. Dodge Challenger: Ingenious Cup Holder

The Dodge Challenger, known for its powerful V8 engine and timeless design, holds a surprise for enthusiasts under its hood. Discreetly placed cup holders on either side of the engine bay provide a convenient spot for your drink while you work on your vehicle or admire your just-finished project. Integrated cleverly with the plastic panel above the grille, these cup holders highlight Dodge’s attention to detail.

5. Dodge Viper: Homage to Racing Legends

The Dodge Viper is not only a performance icon but also a tribute to racing greatness. Embedded discreetly into the plastic on the door pull above the window switch, you will find a detailed map of the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife track. This subtle image serves as a reminder of the Viper’s storied racing heritage and the pursuit of excellence on the track

These Easter eggs not only showcase the creativity and attention to detail but also foster a deeper connection between drivers and their vehicles. Uncovering these hidden delights, enthusiasts are reminded of the rich heritage and playful spirit that define the Dodge experience.