AEC expands and welcomes Alexander Horstmann as new Director Homologation Services

This week is the start of our new Director Homologation Services, Alexander Horstmann. His position also marks the beginning of a new, expanded architecture of our homologation business. 

Our steady growth is the result of hard work in every department. With that growth comes more work. More work requires expansion, even for one of our oldest and most original departments: Homologation

While tech-expert, AEC veteran, and Director Engineering Dany Hoffman will keep focusing on the tremendous work he does with his Research & Development team, he will now be joined by Alexander Horstmann, taking care of vehicle compliance and safety. This is an enormous task because every country has its own laws and regulations for the registration of vehicles. Technical conversion, crash testing, approval of various fuel solutions, as well as the sheer certification of entire vehicle types, and much more relies on official documentation, paperwork, and approval processes – this is the key focus for Alexander and his team. 

He and Dany now spearhead AEC’s new International Homologation Center, giving our homologation enterprise a new name. 

As a former manager at TÜV Süd, Alexander has worked with Dany and his team for years. Many of our technical solutions already went over his desk. Alexander can now dedicate all his expertise to the homologation and compliance work of our cars – and those that will follow! Defining what makes him our first choice is simple: He shines in collaborating closely with traffic and registration offices worldwide.  

If you like to find out more about Alexander Horstmann and the expansion of our Homologation Department, take a look at our press release