Munich, June 8, 2020 | AEC Europe, an official importer of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) brands Dodge and RAM in the EU/EFTA, created a standalone Product & Production Planning department lead by Director Alessandro Saita.

As of June 2020, AEC Europe announces the launch of a new Product & Production Planning department to be directed by Alessandro Saita, who joined AEC this month. Previously, the responsibilities of planning, ordering, modifying, and tracking of the European Dodge and RAM line-up of the importer were carried out by the Sales Department. Earlier this year, AEC announced impending structural changes conditioned by the increased complexity, continuous volume growth and expansion to new markets.

“The decision to create a new department for this integral part of our business is in line with our ambitious growth plans.”, John R.F. Muratori, Chief Operating Officer of AEC, comments on the creation of the standalone department. “Especially after such a difficult period for the automotive industry, the importance of efficient inventory planning is even more evident than ever before.”

Alessandro Saita, AEC’s new Product & Production Planning Director, looks back on over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Some notable milestones include working in Product Marketing for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Abarth, as the Marketing Director for the Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge brands for FCA in Japan, as well as managing these brands in Shanghai for the APAC region where he worked on advertising campaigns for FCA APAC. Most recently, Saita was part of APAC General Distributors Team working on Product, building processes to ensure market requirements are defined well in advance for various markets. The automotive expert has led the Brand and Product Marketing team and worked on new product initiatives, launches in new markets and the creation of brand websites across all General Distributor markets.

Rose Pizzo, who joined Alessandro’s team this month as Product Planning Manager, brings over four years of experience at FCA ranging from International Market and Brand Management to the production and supply chain of parts and vehicles. During this time, Pizzo gained valuable knowledge in Dodge & RAM products, global vehicle launches, and improving customer buying experiences. Most recently, she worked for the Jeep Brand as the Assistant Brand Manager on Wrangler and Gladiator. She was also the Brand lead on a task force aimed to prepare the customers and dealer network for electric vehicles.

“We are excited to welcome Alessandro and Rose to the team. They are both very experienced professionals and come with a comprehensive knowledge of the brands we carry. They will help us ensure that AEC continues meeting market demand in terms of efficient inventory planning and product line-up and help us maintain our competitive edge AEC is known for.”, says Andrew Pilsworth, CEO & President of AEC.

The Product & Production Planning Department will own and coordinate a wide variety of tasks for the Dodge & RAM business with the objective to develop all strategic product line-up and volume assumptions for respective models in collaboration with other departments. They will negotiate product pricing with the manufacturer along with other members of Senior Management, ensure that European market requirements are considered in the importer’s product line-up and devise product launch strategies.

Über Auto Export Corporation (AEC)

Auto Export Corporation (AEC) is a global automotive distributor and a service provider for OEMs and suppliers in the areas of general distribution (official FCA importer and distributor of Dodge & RAM vehicles and parts in Europe), market homologation incl. own R&D facility and processing center in Antwerp, parts distribution and warehouse, automotive consulting, automotive finance (partner of Santander Consumer Bank in key European markets), fleet operations, logistics solutions as well as retail operations.  AEC has local operations and facilities in its focus markets in NAFTA, EMEA and APAC. Customers turn to AEC for its reliable solutions and existing infrastructure that includes a vast contractual network of retail dealerships and key partners in the automotive industry.

About AEC Europe – an Auto Export Corporation (AEC) Subsidiary

As an official importer of the Fiat Chrysler (FCA) Dodge & RAM branded vehicles and parts in Europe, AEC Europe is responsible for the distribution and retail network development of the American brands. Over 125 European AEC dealers were officially appointed and authorized by the manufacturer. The service portfolio of the importer towards its network includes market homologation, warranty, parts, recall administration as well as financial services but also certification and training.

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