Looking Back on 2021 as Another Year of Expansion, Scoring +46% in Global Sales  

St. Catharines, Canada, February 14, 2022 | The AEC Group, a global mobility solutions company and largest official European Dodge and RAM importer, concludes its fiscal year, ending January 31, 2022, with a recap of a very eventful and successful year. From the company’s 25th anniversary to new offices, the launch of various new solutions, teams, and practices, everything was connected to constant growth, despite supply chain disruptions. 

2021 was another challenging year for the automotive industry, which faced several setbacks including the influence of the ongoing shortage of semi-conductors that became known as the global chip crisis, which itself was a byproduct of the lingering Covid-19 pandemic. Vehicle production plants were halted countless times, and too little supply for too much demand quickly started to heavily influence market prices for new and used vehicles. Many OEMs had to accept high financial losses. 

Despite all these challenges, AEC not just prospered as a company, but also continued to deliver great service to its partners and customers. The Canadian company managed to sell more vehicles, parts, and accessories than ever before, achieving a 46% growth rate year on year. Some of the highlights were the expansion of fleet services, the sale of nearly 500 luxury offroad vehicles in the Chinese market and delivering AEC’s first EV units in Europe, as well as the expansion of, the AEC Vehicle Processing Center (VPC), located in Antwerp. The new technical conversion site offers space for over 1,200 vehicles. In addition, AEC expanded its expert team across all seven locations and facilities and grew its headcount by 130%. With more than 170 employees, the AEC Group is well equipped for further growth and innovation in all areas of the business in 2022. 

“Keeping up a steady supply was never more difficult than in 2021. Growing a running company by almost 50 percent in sales and staff and setting up new systems and EV structures for the future of mobility at the same time, is a tremendous achievement. Achieving such great results and continuously raising the bar several years in a row, is an unparalleled feat. I would like to thank the AEC team for their impressive performance, hard work and dedication over the past year. We have what it takes to grow and expand even further and are looking forward to welcoming new colleagues and partners to our strong network and to developing new products and innovative solutions to drive the future of mobility in 2022 and beyond,” said Andrew Pilsworth, CEO at AEC.