The demand for high-performance cars is growing and AEC further expands its Munich based sales team

 AEC reports an increasing demand for high-performance Dodge & RAM vehicles and is expanding its Munich based European offices.

Auto Export Corporation (AEC) is a globally active automotive wholesaler, which has been operating for several years as an authorized importer of the brands Dodge and RAM in Europe. AEC’s extensive knowledge and experience in the car industry generated growing demand for high-performance vehicles.

The Dodge brand, known on the North American market for its high-performance and affordable vehicles, celebrated its 100th anniversary last year. After the takeover by FIAT (now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC), the pick-up division was spun off as an independent brand “Ram Trucks”. This enabled us to better separate the different product needs of the truck buyers from those of the Dodge-Car buyers.

All these changes have shown a tremendous outcome – in recent years the two brands have experienced a true renaissance and are popular as never before. Some of the 2015 Dodge models achieved the highest sales figures in the history of the company and the RAM-Trucks has secured a spot in the Top-3 ranking by sales volumes in the United States.

The European sales figures continue to rise despite the recent currency fluctuations and thus the European team of AEC continues to expand. Natalie Gitter, who looks back on over eight years of experience in the automotive sector and is now the Development Director at AEC, sees great potential in particular in the expansion of the service portfolio. “AEC sees its task not only in the increasing of the general awareness of the brands. The way we see it, it is crucial to continue enhancing the services we offer, as this is the only true way to achieve long-term customer loyalty. An unprecedented service culture – we expect first and foremost from ourselves and from each new member of our family. We are proud to be part of AEC and are looking for people who enjoy making a difference.”

Mehdi Nabhani, Sales Director, knows the manufacturer inside out, this is where he worked for almost ten years prior to joining AEC . “Successful, motivated employees are vital to a company such as AEC. Therefore, we are looking to hire individuals who want to be in a fast-growing company from the very beginning. We are looking for strong characters who take their job seriously and want to be taken seriously in return.”

Over the years AEC has established its network as a secure and reliable source of new vehicles of the Dodge and RAM brands in Europe mainly thanks to its unparalleled service offering. AEC meticulously strives to satisfy customers’ expectations through its dealer network and expands its European Munich based team even further. AEC offers exciting career opportunities in sales, service consulting and after-sales. Applications can be sent per email to

About Auto Export Corporation (AEC)

Auto Export Corporation (AEC) is a global automotive distributor and a service provider for OEMs and suppliers in the areas of general distribution (official FCA importer and distributor of Dodge & RAM vehicles and parts in Europe), market homologation incl. own R&D facility and processing center in Antwerp, parts distribution and warehouse, automotive consulting, automotive finance (partner of Santander Consumer Bank in key European markets), fleet operations, logistics solutions as well as retail operations.  AEC has local operations and facilities in its focus markets in NAFTA, EMEA and APAC. Customers turn to AEC for its reliable solutions and existing infrastructure that includes a vast contractual network of retail dealerships and key partners in the automotive industry.

About AEC Europe – an Auto Export Corporation (AEC) Subsidiary

As an official importer of the Fiat Chrysler (FCA) Dodge & RAM branded vehicles and parts in Europe, AEC Europe is responsible for the distribution and retail network development of the American brands. Over 125 European AEC dealers were officially appointed and authorized by the manufacturer. The service portfolio of the importer towards its network includes market homologation, warranty, parts, recall administration as well as financial services but also certification and training.

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