AEC Expert Talk with Rose Pizzo – The Future Of RAM Trucks

Rose Pizzo is AEC’s Product Marcom- and Brand Manager for RAM trucks. We talked to her about what the future of RAM trucks is going to look like.

What was your first reaction to the Stellantis announcements and specific presentation for RAM? Were there any surprises for you, as our RAM brand expert?

Rose Pizzo : It was an exciting yet unsurprising announcement by Stellantis. This was a massive step for personal truck use in the EV world, of course, RAM would not just step up to meet the latest EV competitor by Ford, but aim to surpass it. It’s fantastic to see such aggressive timing from Stellantis to bring this technology to the market, not only because it opens an entirely new customer segment, but the commitment that Stellantis has to do their part in preserving our planet is great.

Do you think the typical RAM drivers will be interested in the e-RAM versions, or do you think RAM will be able to attract new customer groups?

RP: The European market is a very niche market in terms of the RAM customer base. At the moment, many consumers purchase our vehicles because they want the “American experience”. At the same time, the European market is very different from the US in terms of the dedication to EV availability of vehicles. I believe once we have a lineup of EV trucks to offer, the market, we will attract an entirely new customer base. Jeep did a great job at launching their lineup of EV vehicles from the petrol and diesel versions while keeping the vehicle power, capability, and heritage consistent. I expect we will see the same from RAM in the coming years.

What excites you the most about your brand RAM with a view to the future?

RP: I am most excited to finally be able to compete in the EU with a green vehicle. This type of technology really speaks to the average of European customers, and I think we’ll be able to bring in an entirely new segment of customers, who maybe previously drove larger SUVs that were also plug-in hybrids or fully electric, so this is going to be a very exciting time to market our lineup.

What’s next for RAM powered by AEC?

RP: I would say, stay tuned to find out as Stellantis continues to release information on the upcoming launches! AEC is committed to working with Stellantis to bring these new and exciting products to the European market.