Finding Better Ways: How Our Multicultural Team Drives Our Success

Since 1996, AEC has expanded to an international group of companies with a team of 200+ experts in seven locations and a network of 550+ dealers and partners worldwide. We were curious to find out just how multinational our team is, so we asked our colleagues about their experiences living abroad. Their answers showed we were even more diverse than we thought!


There are countless advantages to having a culturally diverse team. Opportunities for personal and professional increase significantly when you have a talented, global workforce. These global recruits contribute to the business not only with their local market knowledge, distinct languages, and cultural skills, but also by bringing different ideas to the table. Furthermore, a multinational team tends to be more open-minded and foster a more welcoming work environment for everyone.

At AEC, we are happy to have talented people from all around the world as part of our team. Many of our colleagues have relocated from different countries to join our team, be it from the U.S. or Germany to Belgium, Italy or Israel to Germany, China to Canada, and more… Our employees bring innovative ideas, contribute with creative solutions, and work together as a truly multinational team.

We counted, and our team of 200+ people has lived in more than 50 countries, including all continents (except Antarctica…)! Take a look at the map above to see the countries the AEC team has lived in and where our colleagues bring their unique experiences from.

You think you would be a great fit for our international team that speaks more than 20 languages? Check our career website to see our current vacancies!