How We Live #Kindness Through Employee Recognition

The screen with the display of the praises hangs above the reception at the Munich office.

Kindness is one of our core values and embodied in many ways at AEC, but one example stands out; our praises to each other. Every week there are multiple messages from all over our global offices showing recognition and appreciation for the support we give or the extra mile we take to stand up and show what great teamwork is all about. The praises range from small acts of kindness to major contributions to projects, but one thing is the same – they all represent our team spirit.

More than 350 praises have been written to colleagues – from colleagues – in the last two years since we started using the Instant Feedback platform on Leapsome. Research shows that especially younger generations of workers prefer to receive recognition in a public setting and want to openly share their individual achievements with colleagues. Not only are our praises public for the whole team online, but they are also on constant display in our offices on TV screens. It is uplifting to see the messages from one colleague or team to another, connecting people from different office locations throughout the world as one global team. See some of the great examples of praises below:

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