Richard Hammond Takes AEC’s Dodge Charger Hellcat to Work

The beloved American muscle car has finally made it across the pond in DriveTribe’s latest video. AEC has partnered with DriveTribe, a UK-based automotive media production team, and provided them with a brand-new Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody to use for an entire year!

The internationally renowned team consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman has long been a fan of classic American cars, which they drive and showcase to fans on their YouTube channel, which has a following of more than 2.14 million people. 

After receiving AEC’s Hellcat last week, Richard Hammond decided to use it straight away: on his daily commute to work. The 707-horsepower machine will now serve as one of his daily drives for the next year, so make sure you check out DriveTribe’s YouTube channel and tune in to the Discovery Channel TV show, Richard Hammond’s Garage, regularly to see AEC’s Hellcat in action!  

Classic American cars are still a rarity to be seen cruising along winding British lanes, and you can see the stark contrast between the Dodge Hellcat and some more common British rides throughout DriveTribe’s videos. At AEC, we’re passionate about finding ways to connect car-lovers around the world with their dream vehicle, no matter where they are. As an official importer of Dodge and RAM vehicles to Europe, AEC makes it possible to get one of these revered beauties even if you’re living in the UK, without the hassle of having to register or homologate the car before use. Just pick it up from one of our official AEC dealers in the UK and you’re ready to roll!