Strong And Sensible – Three Efficiency Secrets On Our RAM 1500

A big truck with lots of power and capability has to have high fuel costs, right? Wrong! Here are three fun facts, why AEC’s RAM 1500 pickup trucks trump the competition even when it comes to economy.

  1. LPG.
    LPG, or Liquified Petroleum Gas is a type of fuel that can be sourced with less effort than Diesel or Gasoline. Therefore, many European markets incentivize the usage of LPG. You can find thousands of LPG gas stations all over Europe where our RAM 1500 trucks can be filled up cheaper than conventionally fueled vehicles.
  2. E85.
    In many European countries, gas stations sell E85 gasoline. It consists of only 15% regular petrol fuel and 85% naturally sourced ethanol alcohol. This is not only a cost-saving way to reach your destination, but also an environmentally friendly one, since E85 burns much cleaner than comparable types of fuel.
  3. Price and Performance.
    A RAMs pièce de résistance is its sheer capability – luxury, power, space, towing capacity and the go-anywhere mentality that only a sophisticated four wheel drive system with a locking differential and low-range transmission can give you. You knew that before? Sorry. What might be new to you is that our trucks start at a price that is more than competitive.
    Find your local dealership at and be surprised by the low prices you will be offered. Many customers looking for space and versatility choose one of the European mid-size van models. Add RAM 1500’s standard options and you will almost certainly pay tens of thousands less then for a nicely equipped van. Thanks to our LPG system, fueling is cheaper too! You can compare fuel costs with mid-sized cars or small vans powered by a regular four-cylinder Diesel engine. With the stock fuel tank and even the smallest LPG tank, you have a combined fuel capacity of almost 200 liters. Think about that the next time, you get range anxiety!
An AEC RAM 1500 is fitted with its LPG tank in the company’s Antwerp based Vehicle Processing Center.