What does the color of your car reveal about your personality?

Did you know that the color of your car might reveal fascinating insights into your personality? While car color preferences may be subjective, researchers have explored the intriguing relationship between car colors and certain personality traits. Today, let’s look at what science says about the correlation between the color of your car and your character.

Red – confidence and enthusiasm

RAM TRX Special Edition Color: Baja Yellow from the Havoc Edition. Copyright; Stellantis 2023.

If you own a red car, chances are you have a bold, energetic, and confident personality. According to research, red car owners are often enthusiastic and not afraid to stand out in the crowd, they are natural leaders and have high levels of self-confidence. If you opt for a red car, you might be signaling that you are not the one to bow out from challenges and are ready to embrace them head-on.

Yellow – optimism

Yellow car owners are commonly seen as optimistic, outgoing, and full of energy. This color preference implies a sunny personality, reflecting someone who enjoys exploring and new experiences. People with yellow cars tend to radiate positivity, enjoy the little things and have a zest for life which makes them friendly and approachable.

Blue – calm

Dodge Challenger dressed in the heritage color B5 Blue. Copyright: Stellantis 2023.

If you own a blue car, you are typically perceived as a calm, collected, and level-headed individual. This color is associated with a sense of serenity. People with blue cars tend to be more reliable and steadier in their decision making. Blue is also connected to introspection and intelligence, suggesting that you might be a thoughtful and contemplative person.

Black – power and authority

The color black is usually associated with power, elegance, and authority. If you own a black car, you might be perceived as a confident and sophisticated person who values professionalism and luxury.

White – perfectionism

Perfectionism, honesty, organization, and elegance are the words that characterize white cars owners. They have an affinity for keeping everything neat and in its place, they strive to achieve a high status within society. They also like to have a young, fresh and modern look.

RAM TRX Special Edition Color: Ceramic Grey from the Lunar Edition. Copyright: Stellantis, 2023

Silver/gray – practicality and reliability

If your car choice is a gray or silver one, according to researchers you tend to be reliable and conform to societal rules. Grey car owners tend to be shy and avoid the spotlight while silver car owners like to be perceived as fun but not as extroverts, they enjoy a sleek and elegant look without wanting to draw too much attention to them.

Besides the more traditional colors, a few truly eye-catching options will make you stand out from the crowd. Dodge’s Plum Crazy models are sure to turn some heads as well as the Sublime Green which guarantees an unusual and noticeable appearance on the streets.

Dodge Charger in the eye-catching color Plum Crazy. Copyright: Stellantis 2023.
Dodge Challenger in the striking Sublime
Green look. Copyright: Stellantis 2023.






While the connection between car color and personality is intriguing, we need to keep in mind that personal preferences vary widely and one’s car color choice might not always reflect their character. Psychological associations with colors can also be culturally influenced and very subjective. It is, however, undeniable that the color we surround ourselves with, including our cars, can have an impact on our mood. So, the next time you see a blue, black, green, red or yellow car, you might find yourself wondering about the unique personality of the person behind the wheel.

Dodge Challenger in all available colors – which one is your favorite? Copyright: Stellantis 2023.

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