AEC introduces exclusive new bioethanol system for 2019 RAM 1500 DT models

AEC is bringing “flex-fuel vehicles” (FFV) back to the European market with the launch of an exclusive E85 bioethanol system for the 2019 RAM 1500 DT: These vehicles are powered by E85, a fuel that combines 85% bioethanol with 15% regular petrol. This affordable low-emission mixture can only be used in the flex-fuel vehicles mentioned above. After its introduction in 2008, the initial buzz surrounding this drive solution quieted down somewhat. However, many European countries increasingly benefit from using the alternative fuel, particularly Sweden and France.

Only AEC converts 2019 RAM 1500 DT models, which are imported specifically for this purpose, to the system in its AEC competence centre in Antwerp. While it is possible to retrofit the system at a later point, this option is not provided by certified employees working in line with a specially developed, compatible AEC system in original equipment quality. This high-grade adaptation is another unique selling point for the importer of the American car brands Dodge and RAM and further cements its leading role in the homologation and sale of EU-compliant imported vehicles.

“We are proud to set ourselves apart from other importers with this optional, in-house retrofitting to the E85 bioethanol fuel. With over 20 years of experience and research, AEC offers the highest standards of quality for homologation and technical development. Following the introduction of the optional AEC LPG Autogas system in cooperation with Prins, we want to additionally offer FFV conversion as an alternative drive for our 2019 RAM 1500 DT models in order to give our continuous development a new sense of identity.” – John R.F. Muratori, COO of Auto Export Corporation (AEC) Munich, official importer of Dodge and RAM from FCA in the EU/EFTA.

Once the bioethanol E85 system has been installed, drivers can fill the tank with any mixture of this fuel and regular petrol. The modified 2019 RAM 1500 DT 5.7 l V8 HEMI with an automatic eight-gear transmission automatically detects the composition. And it doesn’t require an additional tank or any special tools to do so.

Further benefits of the AEC E85 bioethanol system in original equipment quality:

Bioethanol E85 is 50% cheaper than regular petrol on average. The CO2 emissions, measured in line with the WLTP standard, amount to 300 g/km.

While the combined consumption with E85 is at 18.2 l per 100 km, instead of 15.6 l per 100 km (in line with WLTP), installing the system pays off very quickly. Depending on the market, you may also be entitled to additional tax benefits.

The fuel mixture does not impair the power and sound of the V8 engine in any way, an important consideration for customers when purchasing from the US car importer.

All vehicles retrofitted with E85 bioethanol by AEC will keep their warranty at a premium and the proper software-based tuning carried out by AEC partner O.CT is still possible without restrictions.

About Auto Export Corporation (AEC)

Auto Export Corporation (AEC) is a global automotive distributor and a service provider for OEMs and suppliers in the areas of general distribution (official FCA importer and distributor of Dodge & RAM vehicles and parts in Europe), market homologation incl. own R&D facility and processing center in Antwerp, parts distribution and warehouse, automotive consulting, automotive finance (partner of Santander Consumer Bank in key European markets), fleet operations, logistics solutions as well as retail operations.  AEC has local operations and facilities in its focus markets in NAFTA, EMEA and APAC. Customers turn to AEC for its reliable solutions and existing infrastructure that includes a vast contractual network of retail dealerships and key partners in the automotive industry.

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