#GrowingTogether – Christophe’s Journey at AEC

“Change is a constant in the company, and this keeps you on the edge – and young as well.”

Join us as we explore the stories of our long-standing AEC colleagues, starting from the time they joined the company, looking back at the challenges and highlights, through position changes and career learnings. The colleagues featured in our series #GrowingTogether have experienced AEC’s global expansion firsthand and journey on with us throughout the years. Read on to learn more about Christophe’s story at AEC.

How long have you been with AEC?

This month I will be able to blow out 8 AEC candles. What a journey!

Where did you originally begin, and what is your position now?

I started as a Port Manager and today I am a Logistics Manager. My responsibilities include reducing the lead times at the port, making processes run smoother directly or indirectly whether it is in handlings, customs documentation, shuntings, port issues, shipping… Logistics is so diverse and fun, shipping out cars to other parts of the world, pushing subcontractors to perform as expected and agreed upon. In other words, I always strive towards finding the best solutions for the customers, both internal and external.

What do you look forward to most when you come to work each day?

Every day we have new and different challenges and I just love to overcome them together with the team. There is never a dull day or hour. The team is engaged to make things happen as we are the last step towards the customers, our dealers. We have a young and strong logistics team, and they do a remarkable job every day.

Working from home, a change of scenery but not a change of focus.

Why would you recommend others to join AEC?

AEC is a fast-growing company, constantly seeking solutions and jumping at new opportunities, and we all can have a say in it. Change is a constant in the company, and this keeps you on the edge – and young as well. The values of our company are truly lived by the team.

AEC has grown a lot since its foundation 26 years ago, from a small office in Canada to an international player with multiple locations around the world. How has AEC changed and developed while you were working here?

At the start in 2015, I was alone in a tiny office above a washing facility and the team in Munich was no more than 10 people. Year by year, there has been a constant growth of the departments as additional services and solutions were created for our dealers and partners, gradually adding to our offering every year. A Quality department was created, assisting us in delivering the vehicles in an even better condition than before. Previously, our administrative colleagues were working from a small office next to the VPC, but in 2020 they moved to a great new and spacious office buildings.

What first brought you to AEC 8 years ago?

The belief that the company had a great growth potential and a strategy which I can relate to. When I met Andrew, our CEO and Founder, and John, our COO, back then, I saw a lot of passion and drive which I wanted to be a part of, and this is something I see today as much as then.

Two long-time colleagues, Christophe & Dan, at AEC’s 25+1 Anniversary Celebrations in Spain. Copyright: AEC, 2022

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