2022 in Words: AEC’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

When thinking back over the last year, we all have certain standout moments: the highlights you remember when speaking about the year at large. Your top moments from 2022 may include a once-in-a-lifetime trip, a big move, or maybe even a new car imported by yours truly!  

At AEC, we’re all about celebrating our achievements and reflecting on what we learned from the past year, so this week, we’re taking a look at some of our top-performing blog posts from 2022. From road trips across Europe and insider interviews with our CEO, to an in-depth look at our RAM 1500’s fuel-saving engine and an analysis of our teams’ multicultural backgrounds, we covered it all last year.  

Explore our #TopPostsof2022 below to see if you’ve read them all!   

RAMs Vibrate to Stay Smooth While Saving Fuel: Here’s Why

Pickup trucks are one of the most popular vehicle categories worldwide, but their size, towing capacity, and all-around capacity mean using a lot of fuel. One of the ways your AEC RAM is different is that it’s been homologated to save as much fuel as possible or even run on eco-friendly LPG and E85 fuels. Find out how here. 

The AEC team celebrates 26 years of AEC. Copyright by AEC, 2022.

Stronger Together: Celebrating 26 Years of AEC

2022 was a big year for AEC, especially because we reached a pretty huge milestone: our 26th birthday! After a couple of crazy years full of travel disruptions, pandemic panic, and supply chain shortages, our CEO wanted to bring everyone together to celebrate as a team. Check out all the fun we had here. 

AEC launches new 2021 RAM 1500 TRX for European market 

Before AEC, it wasn’t always possible to get your favorite car here in Europe. The demand for the 2021 RAM 1500 TRX was incredibly high here as well, though, so in 2021 we went for it by launching the TRX across Europe. Learn why the 2021 RAM 1500 TRX is the most powerful production pickup truck in the world here 

AEC Trucks Hit the Road on Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Tour 

In 2022 AEC took our trucks where no RAM has gone before: to the racetrack! Over the summer, we brought two of our RAM 1500 TRX’s on the KTM Factory Racing Tour to connect with fans, support with KTM’s travel needs, and of course, watch the show. Get more details on the tour’s program here. 

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“Stay True to Yourself!”: Leading One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies of 2022 – Our CEO Andrew Pilsworth Shares His Secrets to Creating a Winning Company Culture

The past year was full of highlights, but one of AEC’s proudest moments of 2022 was being named a Best Managed Company (link to release) by Deloitte. AEC has grown a lot in the past 26 years, but our CEO, Andrew Pilsworth, made sure to stick to his values-driven management style in order to keep the company on track. We sat down with Andrew and heard his advice on building a successful business here. 

Finding Better Ways: How Our Multicultural Team Drives Our Success 

AEC may be based in Canada, but after 26 years, we’ve got seven locations worldwide with 225+ employees from all over – and we wouldn’t have it any other way! See how our international team is vital to our company’s growth, creativity, and can-do attitude here.   

What Makes Homologation So Important? 

Just like rules on business hours, drinking ages, and recycling, road rules vary between the U.S. and Europe. So how exactly does an American Dodge, whose engine’s decibels are louder than the legal limit in Europe, get to hit the road here? Well, that’s where our Homologation Team comes in. Read more here to see what goes on behind the scenes at our Vehicle Processing Center. 

AEC’s European Dealers Come Together at AEC Discovery 

A huge part of what AEC really does comes down to our 550+ dealers, who collaborate and work together with us throughout Europe. We don’t always get the chance to meet all of our partners in person, so last year we did something special and invited our dealers to tour our VPC in Belgium, grab a drink with us, and celebrate our achievements together at our AEC Discovery event. Explore the highlights from AEC Discovery here. 

AEC’s Dodge Challenger Jailbreak Premieres in Poland 

The premiere of AEC’s Dodge Challenger Jailbreak in Poland was a season highlight last year, with around 120 American car enthusiasts present to witness the unveiling of the show-stopping vehicle. See photos from the event here. 

AEC’s RAM 1500 explored western Europe via the road this summer. Copyright by AEC, 2022.

An American Classic Hits Europe: Taking AEC’s RAM 1500 On An LPG-Fueled European Road Trip 

When you think of driving in the U.S., there’s a good chance you’re picturing a classic road trip with an open highway, wide plains, and gas station snacks. So to close out 2022, AEC’s Sebastian Huber decided to explore Europe by car – or better said, by RAM. Follow Sebastian along his road trip through Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain here to see how the RAM fared across Europe!